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Employment and Business Law Firm

We are a firm founded by big-firm lawyers with one mission: extracting the virtues of big law while simultaneously eliminating its drawbacks. The big firm virtues we have preserved are elite lawyers, attention to detail, and fierce advocacy. The drawbacks we seek to eliminate include bureaucracy and the anonymity experienced by clients blended in a constellation of other clients.

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Why Clients Choose Us?

Our clients need not be transferred from department to department, provide a case number when reaching us, or wonder what lawyer is actually working on their case. Our clients are not reduced to a client number or a name on a lawsuit. We take the time to know you and your objectives. We are more than advocates—we partner with you to navigate through complex and sensitive legal issues.

Unlike a full-service mega-firm, we are narrowly focused on what we do well. We handle employment and business law matters. That’s it. Nothing else. All of our experience is dedicated to these two areas of the law. We believe this is what it takes to provide elite representation. This is why we do not dilute our focus.

If your issue is one that involves employment or business, we are built to cater to you. If you have any other type of legal issue, we cannot help you. We believe this focus provides us with a very distinct advantage. One that we trust you will experience.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Firm Family.

What We Focus On

Practice Areas

General Employment Matters

We were built with a central focus of servicing clients on labor and employment issues.

Non-Compete, Confidentiality

We draft the restrictive covenant agreements and handling complex restrictive covenant litigation.

Severance & Collective Bargaining

We can provide corporate governance, helping clients manage the responsibilities of running a corporation in financial field.

Unpaid Wages

We represents both employees and employers in litigation concerning unpaid wages.

Discrimination & Retaliation

We represent both employers and employees in discrimination, harassment and retaliation matters.

Whistleblower Cases

Our team of legal experts help you interpret and navigate the law has been evolving for several years.

Commercial & Business Litigation

Our firm handles a wide array of complex cases involving commercial and business issues.

Corporate & Business Matters

We handles a wide array of complex cases involving commercial and business issues.

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